A Women's Holistic Guide
to Peace, Passion and Purpose

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You Are So Much More and the Holistic Lifestyle courses are your "must-have" tools, tips and practices to living a life of self-love, self-discovery and self-responsibility. Don't miss out on these life changing methods. Take a Holistic Journey TODAY!

About Kelly Haywiser

The Guide - You Are So Much More

  • Holistic approaches to spark your mind, fuel your body, and uplift your spirit.
  • Simple practices that ignite your creativity and lead you to self-discovery.
  • Practice tips to dive deeper into self-awareness through peace, passion and purpose.
  • Tips to manage life's challenges with self-love, self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Ways to re-invent yourself, holistically while creating your new, vibrant life.

You do not want to miss out on taking a Holistic Journey that takes you from feeling empty and lost to finding more meaning in your life. 

Enjoy this guide at your own pace or take advantage of the Holistic Lifestyle Programs that Kelly has designed to assist you on your path. 

Most of all, "Breathe and Enjoy Life".

The Author - Kelly Haywiser

 Kelly is an inspirational women's advocate, educator, holistic lifestyle coach and intuitive healer with over 25 years of experience providing therapies and training in holistic practices.  

 "Kelly's passion is to empower others... especially women... so I am pleased to envision this supportive handbook of proven methods reaching even more people through her written words, for she knows how to speak with seemingly endless patience and love."
— Sandy Jost, PhD. Author, Educator and Founder of Healing Images Guided Imagery Certification 

  "Kelly is one of the few that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk.  She comes straight from the heart and is a true living example of all she teaches.  I have spent nearly 10 years helping women with recovery, trauma, and mental health. In all that time, I have never seen a more comprehensive book for the healing journey, than what Kelly has authored.  You Are So Much More is a necessary guidebook that will serve as a trusted companion to empowering women to living, being, and fully loving themselves."   

- Tom Menditto ADHD Master Coach Founding member of University of Pittsburgh's Center for Mindfulness and Consciousness Studies(CMCS)     

Beyond the Book - Holistic Lifestyle Programs

Take Your experience to the next level with face-to-face and virtual courses that are created to help you on your journey to peace, passion and purpose. 

Are you feeling lost and empty and need to create more balance? Consider a course to "ARISE and Discover Your Vibrant Spirit".

Are you dealing with the need to break away from the emotional chains that hold us to worn-out relationships or a career gone sour? Consider a journey to break the trend and create your new life's purpose.

Are you looking to get healthier and feel more vitality? Consider a course incorporating the balance of good food choices, healthy living and simple, easy meal planning to reach your optimum goals.